"Bespoke Suppliers of Needlepunch & Thermally Bonded Technical Nonwovens”

Product Range

  • Thermally Bonded Polyester Waddings
  • Weights from 40gm/sqm to 1200gm /sqm
  • Solid Profile Fibres
  • Hollow Fibres
  • Anti-Bacterial, Hydrophilic, and Boilable Fibres
  • Fine 3 Dtex to Coarse 28 Dtex

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Fibre Fillings

An established manufacturer of high quality thermal bonded and needled polyester products that meet all the requirements of the 1988 Fire 7 Furniture Regulations to flammability behaviour BS 5852, traditionally used in the Furniture, Bedding, Apparel , Filtration & Insulation sectors.

Our products are washable to 40 degrees and recycleable.

We can produce waddings using fibres from 3 dtex to 30 dtex or a combination to provide a product to our discerning customers who value quality.


The products we manufacture can be supplied in roll form, cut rectangular or perforated pads on a roll.

We work to very high standards in both the quality of our products and the service we offer, striving to meet customers’ demands and requirements to the fullest.

Our high volume throughput machines, operated by highly skilled operatives manufacture a wide range of thermally bonded polyester waddings in weights from 40gm/sqm to 1200gm /sqm and widths up to 330cm wide, either in roll, cut panel, or perforated pad form.

In conjunction with sister company SG Cutting, we also offer a cut & shape facility. Fibres are offered from solid profile in fine 3.3 dtex up to a coarse 28dtex, to hollowfibres and speciality fibres.

Supply Chain

Our own fleet of vehicles & extensive Warehouse facility is available to provide an exceptionally fast response time to Customer demands & keep our Customer stockholding at a minimum.


Telephone 01204 799 910 or Fibre Fillings 01204 578 141 for more information & FREE quotation.